Why do baby cries during bath

Why do some babies cry during the bath? Quick Guide and Safety tips!

Why do some babies cry during the bathWhy do some babies cry during the bath?

Most babies enjoy bathing. Physical contact with the father or mother relaxes the babies and the water is fun for them.However some newborns, have a hard time getting used to this hygiene habit and therefore some babies cry during the bath.

The bathroom is part of the daily hygiene of babies .

Although they don’t get dirty like an older child, the bathroom is used to remove sweat and dead skin cells.

Bathing is a relaxing activity and favors baby’s sleep.

That’s why most mothers bath their child at night.

The bath favors body contact between the parents and the baby, which reassures you and gives you security. Its a good time to talk, sing, pamper or, after the bath, give a massage.

The bathtub should not be filled more than 10 or 15 cm and the water temperature should be close to body temperature 35-37º . If you don’t have a bath thermometer, you can check the temperature by entering an elbow in the water. Start filling the bathtub with cold water and complete it with hot water. This will prevent your baby from burning.

Don’t abuse the use of soaps . It is not necessary to use soap daily on the skin of babies, as it dries the skin excessively. It is only necessary if the diaper area is very dirty. You can use vegetable oils to promote skin elasticity.

The baby should not be left alone in the bathroom at any time. Therefore, you must make sure you have everything you need before you start bathing your baby.


What objects should have on hand to bath the baby?

 A dry and warm towel to dry the baby after bathing.

– Neutral liquid soap for babies.

A sponge to rub without damaging the baby’s skin.

– Special cream for baby’s ass.

 Oil or moisturizer for babies.

 A sterile gauze and alcohol of 70 degrees for the healing of the umbilical cord

 Clean diapers .

 The clothes with which the baby is going to be dressed after the bath.

 A soft bristle brush for the baby’s hair.

 Soft cologne for babies, which should be applied in clothing and in moderation.

Talcum powder can be toxic to the baby if he inhales it. It is preferable to dispense with its use.

why do baby cries during bath! quick tips and guide

Why do some babies cry during the bath?

Some babies relax in the bathroom, while others cry when they are dressed and undressed, and also in the water.

It is probably because their temperament makes them more irritable and they tolerate bad changes (of clothes, activity, posture).

They seem to feel insecure when they find themselves without clothes and without support.

They usually get used to the bathroom and, little by little, enjoy more with this activity.

If the baby’s bath time is a source of stress for the parents, they can do it on alternate days (the babies don’t get so dirty) or just clean their face and ass.

Some parents have found that the baby relaxes more if they bath with him, holding him against his body, which gives him security and allows him to bath without crying.

Happy baby during bath : Baby Almost HomeHow to take care of baby’s safety during bath?

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the part of the house where more domestic accidents occur. Its greatest danger is that it is a place where water can cause serious accidents such as drowning, slipping or falling.

Any precaution is little when it comes to the safety of our children and we are the parents responsible for turning our home into a safe place.

To minimize the risks in one of the most dangerous places in the house, we must take into account some child safety tips in the bathroom .

–   Prevent the child from being in the bathroom, except for what is necessary, such as going to the         toilet, bathing, washing hands or teeth.

 Never leave the baby alone in the bathtub with water.

  Place a mat or any other non-slip system on the floor of the bathtub.

Until the baby is able to stand up on his own, always bath him with some kind of support, be it a hammock or a hoop.

 If you have it, adjust the hot water temperature in the tap. It must not exceed 35 degrees.

 After bathing the child, immediately empty the bathtub.

 Remove from the reach of children razors, scissors, cosmetics, medications.

 Never leave plugged in electrical appliances such as the hair dryer, the shaver, or the epilator.

 If possible, remove the bathroom door latch or place it as high as possible. It is always desperate for a child to be locked in a room, but in the bathroom it is even more so.

 Place caps on the plugs.

 Close the toilet lid after use. The toilet produces a special attraction among the little ones, that is why there are some safeguards that keep the lid closed preventing the fingers from being caught or that they put their hand inside.

 Keep the soil always dry.