Types of Baby Bathtubs

Types of Baby Bathtubs : All you need to know



Types of Baby Bathtubs : All you need to know

There are numerous kinds of child baths, most tubs are generally made of plastic, lightweight and can be conveyed effectively so you can put it anyplace you need it to be. Infant baths are planned differently relying upon how and where you need to wash your little one. Some infant baths are extravagant with advanced features, while some are simple with basic features. All these types of bathtubs are viewed as dependent on close to personal preference.

Baby bathtubs usually come in different shapes and sizes. Some are limited to a specific age range and can be effectively outgrown while some are intended to be utilized until some other time.  Here are the absolute most regular ones you will see.

Types of Baby bathtubs:


plastic type baby bathtubsThis tub has a basic structure and is used generally for the youthful newborn who is unable to sit up straight. It includes an incline (slope) inside where you can lay your infant on a leaning back position which supports the back. Some of these tubs have some foam to prevent slippage as well as offer comfort for the newborn to relax.


Sink Insert

Types of Baby Bathtubs : Sink InsertTo make bathing easier in the sink, this tub has a basic flexible structure that can be inserted into a sink. It includes an incline inside where you can lay your infant on a leaning back position which supports the back. It’s helpful to utilize and can be put away effectively as it doesn’t require an excessive amount of room because of its flexibility. Its Ideal for the newborn, usually used from birth up to 6 months.



Hammock Type of Baby Bathtubs This bath is designed with a nylon mesh cradle inside to support the head and whole body so that you can use both hands to wash the baby. Some baths have a rack attached for babies which can be removed to fit a toddler sitting. Different slings are enormous and sufficiently able to hold an older child. On most Hammocks baths, mesh support  is just attached to the tub itself can be removed when not required.




Convertible Tub

This type of baby bathtub is mainstream for being financially savvy. it is uncommonly intended to grow with your child. On one side of this leaned back slope to wash your newborn child from birth up to half year, at the point when your kid can sit upstanding you would now be able to have the option to move to the contrary side of the tub where another space is given which is intended for a sitting tot yet with some help on the back.



If you have a bathtub in your home, you can make a small bathtub for your baby using this bathtub. Just fill in the tub and place the cushion inside and the water will penetrate through the fabric to create an incised bathtub for the baby.






Inflatable tubs are just like the normal mini pools that should be inflated first before utilizing and you can fit it in many tubs. However, this type is specially for older babies who are able to sit up not for newborns or infants It is also not as durable as compared to other tubs. But, if your family prefers to travel a lot an inflatable tub will clearly prove to be useful cuz of its compactness.


Collapsible Tub

It’s a portable bath tube just like Inflatable baby bathtubs but without the air. Some collapsible tubs are enormous and typically intended for use inside normal bathtubs or inside a shower stalls. There are also tiny ones that can fit into a sink. Collapsible tubs are portable, lightweight, and easy to set up. It’s a decent decision if you have an onstrained extra room.





It’s just like a bucket which keeps the baby standing with the perfect amount of water to keep the body inundated,

It emulates the closeness that the mother’s womb gives, which can offer a calming feeling to babies who do not feel comfortable taking showers. Few models are large enough to have an internal built-in seat to keep your baby more comfortable while playing and showering.