06 Best Portable Baby Bathtubs 2020

Portable baby bath tubs 2019

Best portable baby bathtubs of 2020!! We conduct comparisons and product analysis to help you make the best purchase decision. We have no interest in any specific product, and we don’t publish paid content, which allows us to be truly independent.

The birth of a child is one of the happiest and most exciting moments. While the delivery date is approaching in the calendar, future dads starts acquiring essential products with which to shelter, protect and care for the newborn: the stroller, the cradle , clothes … Among those objects you can’t miss the baby bathtub, specifically designed for the newborn to have a nice and safe bath, as well as portability.This guide is all about the best portable baby bathtubs of 2020.

Portable baby bathtubs have various characteristics, to choose the best model. Here are the points you need focus while buying them.

Until 6 months it is necessary to use, because it gives them security, although many parents love to bath with their children in the tub for adults, the experts don’t recommend it because it is complicated and even dangerous. In addition, the babies feel very comfortable in the narrow bathtubs, as in the mother’s womb.

Ideally, use a tall tub and changing mat to place in the bathroom or in the baby’s room. But there are families who opt portable baby bath tub, either because of space or because they want to take it wherever they go. Being portable can be placed where everyone prefers even inside the tub at home.

The future buyer will have to consider various characteristics to choose the best model, such as the following:

  • The manufacturing materials . All these tubs are made of plastic, so you have to choose one that is free of toxic substances and chemical products such as PVC, BPA or phthalates.
  • The resistance A quality tub will have rounded edges so that the baby when starts to kick and wiggle, will not hurt itself.
  • The dimensions You have to think that you can place a baby up to 12-18 months inside and make sure it includes a reducer so that newborns are safe and protected.
  • The design There are folding tubs with little legs, ideal for shower trays; inflatables, to take them anywhere; with temperature sensor to put the baby in the perfect moment and control that the water is at 37ºC; or ergonomic design just to provide more comfort. Also, it is recommended that it has a drain to be able to remove the water without effort and without having to break your back since, full of water, it will increase the weight considerably.

Thanks to all these characteristics, the baby can be bathed comfortably, making it easy to control its position and constant movement.

Next, the 5 most popular models are presented along with their characteristics so that parents choose the one that best suits their needs and those of the baby.


The Top favorite: Mommy’s Helper

Mommy's helper portable baby bath tub

A perfect multi function for trips, beach or even for pools. Mommy’s Helpers is an American brand that is dedicated to the manufacture of baby products aimed at the safety of the little one.

The Froggie collection is specialized in everything related to the care and safety of the child during the bath. The ” Froggie Inflatable Tub” is an inflatable tub made of phthalate-free materials, a toxic material that can affect the hormonal development of children.

In addition, its fun design of frogs makes the little boy have fun trying to grab them while you bath him; as parent you can imaging, how useful these types of distractions are, especially for those, who have children who don’t like bath time very much.

Comfortable and soft texture, allows you to bath the child in a safe and padded environment. In addition it has anti-slip base perfectly designed to stay firm in place throughout the bathroom.

A detail that experts have liked, is the interior top is also inflatable, which holds the child sitting and prevents slipping inside the tub.

The height can be adjusted because each half of the tub is inflated independently, each with its inflation valve. Even the top has an independent inflation valve.

The inflation valves have safety, when you want to deflate the tub it will not be enough to open them, but you must make a lateral pressure in the valves so that the air comes out; this prevents that if a valve is accidentally uncovered while you bath the child, the tub will not deflate.

Recommended for children from 6 to 24 months of age, although some experts argue that it is best used with children up to 1 year.

Easy to empty, you just need to open the valve located in its base and once it is empty, let it drain upside down without having to deflate it completely.

Shnuggle portable tub : The second best option

Shnuggle portable bucket tub for babies

The Shnuggle tub is one of the preferred ones due to its ergonomics, its small size (60 x 39 x 35) and its anti-slip seat. The newborns love it because of their ability to remember the maternal womb and keep the water warm for longer time.

The padded and non-slip seat prevents slipping. In addition, it has an elevation that fits the bum so that it maintains a comfortable and relaxed posture. Also, its oval shape allows you to sit in an inclined position so that it does not slide under water, providing both the baby and the adult, greater freedom of movement. It also helps to fight infant colic, since it promotes the expulsion of gases.

Being tiny is appropriate from birth to the year, depending on the body of the child. Its small dimensions are also advantageous because it make the bath only 2 liters of water. When the bath ends or if you want to take it to another place, just grab it by its handles to move it or dump it for emptying.

The Shnuggle tub – made of polypropylene – has a modern design and has been created to make cleaning much more fun and safe.

The mommies with back problems or without space to put the tray on a counter top, can adapt it, thus achieving height and comfort.

Boon Naked

Boon Naked portable tub for baby

When a newborn comes home, all he needs is synonymous with less space in the home.One solution to prevent this from happening during your bath is the portable Boon Naked bath tubs.

Among its advantages the experts highlight the little space it occupies when folded.Thanks to a hook that incorporates can be hung as if a jacket was on a hanger behind the door.

To use it in two simple steps you are ready for that pleasant moment in which the baby comes into contact with the water in the first stage of his life. It should be noted that this model, which is available in white with blue, pink or green, allows its use since the child is born until it is a little older because the base of the tuna can be reclined.

Made of plastic without BPA, it is easy to empty since it has a stopper to evacuate all the water.

Folding Baby tub by Children’s Bathtub

Folding baby bath tub

Ideal tub for babies, we must highlight its anti-slip base that allows the bathroom to become safer. Easy to place anywhere on both legs, it is also easy to transport thanks to its ergonomic handle.

Like others in its range, it has a hook to hang it once it has been used and allow better drying. To eliminate all the water it has a plug in the base of easy handling. With measures of 88 × 52 × 23cm, the height is shallow to further ensure the safety of the newborn.

In its characteristics it is emphasized that it could be used until the baby reaches one year.Its material is non-toxic polypropylene. It is available in pink and blue. It has a hole to leave the soap can.

Phoneix Folding tub for Infants

Phoneix Folding tub for Infants

A great option if you need a tub that can be folded and move to occupy the least space possible. Made of high quality PVC and rubber material, this tub available in pink and blue, is designed with the baby’s ergonomics and its security in every detail.

Thus, the floor of this tub is non-slip to prevent the baby from slipping during the bath. The four legs also have a termination that prevents them from moving on a flat surface. Its measurements, 80cmx47cmx23cm, allow the use is advisable from five months (the base is not reclinable) to five years.