How to choose a Baby Bath Tub

How to choose a Baby Bathtub

A Baby Bathtub for your Needs

Today is the day when you have brought your baby to your home after being in the hospital. This also means that this is now a time for the baby to take him first real bath. A reality that you cannot deny is that your excitement will turn to trepidation. This is the kind of reaction that you will get when you realize the fact that your baby will have to be combined with the slippery soap suds. Here the questions aeries how to choose a Baby Bathtub? Appreciating the use of the baby bathtub is what you will realize in this kind of situation.

It can be dangerous and a hassle to bath the baby in the adult bathtub especially for the newborn who can’t sit up on his own. Sometimes parents will get in the tub with their baby. There are risks that involved when a parent does this. One of the risks is that the baby can either bump his head or worse get drowned with even just one slip. There is a lot of pressure that you will put on your back when you have to lean over the edge since f you want to scrub your baby. One of the many advantages that you will be able to enjoy with the use of the baby bathtub is that it can be placed anywhere you like securely. The baby bathtub can be placed at the kitchen sink, on a counter top or a table. So in this article we’ll explain how to choose the baby bath tub?

Choosing a Tub

When it comes to the baby bathtub you should be aware of the fact that you will be choosing from a wide range of selection. A few examples of the choices that you will be able to choose from different range and types, from the inflatable, hard plastic and can be folded for compact storage. There are also great designs that you will choose from. But one thing you need to know about these designs is that they all ensure that your baby will be in a comfortable position. There is a good chance that you will be able to find a baby bathtub that can suit your changing table or will fit inside your regular tub.

There is no such thing as making the wrong choice when it comes to buying a baby bathtub. The important thing is that you will buy a baby bathtub that you find appealing. There are still a few points that you should consider.

If you want to buy a plastic baby bathtub then you have to make sure that it is sturdy and thick. The baby bathtub should be able to hold the weight of your baby. It should also be able to hold the weight of the water. If you have less space then its better to use a folding baby bathtub.



When a baby is born, parents want to provide him everything best. But it is not always possible to understand what is best for an infant. The modern selection of baby supplies is great. The thirty years ago everything was very simple, now you can get confuse in a rich choice.

It is necessary to bath the baby every day. From bathing, child becomes calmer and more cheerful, eats better and falls asleep faster. And yet – this is one of the small everyday rituals that bring together a parent and child But there are a lot of types of baths, and you need to choose only one. Let’s take a closer look.

Variety of  Baby Bath Tubs & Seats

Any bath you intend to purchase should be comfortable and spacious. First of all – for the child himself.

There are seven types of baths. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Happy baby bath How to choose a Baby Bathtub?

  1. The classic model. It has an oval shape, and is very spacious. Choosing this option will save you money. You can also choose the color you want – the choice is very large. And if you first measure the size of an adult bath, you can install a baby bath on the edges of an adult. But it is worth considering that, firstly, the quality of such baths is not different in height. Colors may vary. In addition, you have choice to purchase many other accessories separately.
  2. Multi functional model. Its basically is a changing table, with the bath. A big plus of this option is that everything you need can be stored in the holder: towels, diapers , clean clothes for the baby. Most often, these models have wheels with a lock. You will be able to roll back the dresser with the bath where it will be more convenient for you to wash the baby. The disadvantages of this option quite a bit. This is a high cost and large size multi functional model.
  3. Anatomical bath . The relief of the bath repeats the outlines of the body of the child. In the process of bathing you don’t really need to support – the bath seat will do everything for you. These seats are advised by pediatricians around the world. That’s just worth considering that children grow up. And when the baby grows out of this bath, you have to buy another one
  4. Portable bath. This model is taking shape! By choosing it, you don’t have to worry about where to place the bath in between use. The manufacturer gives a four-year warranty on such models. This bath has a special anti-slip bottom for the safety of the baby. But there are also disadvantages: strict adherence to instructions for use and high price.
  5. Antimicrobial bath. In the material used in the manufacture of this model, added micro ban – antibacterial protection. Now you won’t need to specifically disinfect the water. The bath will do it for you. If your baby is allergic, or his skin is hypersensitive – this model is made for you. But, of course, there are nuances. The first is a rarity. Not all stores can find this bath. The second is the price. It can be quite high.
  6. Inflatable model. It is good for everyone except for the material: one random touch with a sharp object, and instead of a bath you will get a deflated “balloon”. In addition, not every manufacturer uses natural material for its products.
  7. The Bowl. This relatively new model resembles  mother’s tummy. It is believed that in such  bath the child is more relaxed and calm. After all, his posture is very similar to the one that was in my mother’s belly. But, despite all the recommendations, you need to take into account that such a bath will last no more than two months. Then the baby will just grow out of it. In addition, according to some parents, the child is not too comfortable to wash.


Happy baby during bath How to choose a Baby Bathtub?

Choosing a Bath

Despite the diversity of models, there is  criteria which is important to keep track of any model. Each bathtub should be comfortable, high quality and safe. Here are the main points to consider:

  1. Maximum weight. Each model can withstand a baby only up to a certain weight. Usually it is listed in the certificate, warranty, or instructions for the product. It is best to choose a bigger figure – a longer service life will not be redundant.
  2. Security. This term includes the bottom and material. Best of all, if the bottom of the bath is ribbed. It can also be made of anti-slip material. Before buying, inspect the bath for defects. Products for babies should be free of dents, chips or scratches.Also ask the seller for a certificate – what material is the bath made of? Ensure that the material does not cause allergies.
  3. Legs. Ideally, if they are rubberized – then the bath slips less.
  4. Built-in drain. Adds mom convenience when bathing a child. If there is a drain, the used water can simply be drained and a new one added, adjusting the temperature.

How to choose a Baby Bathtub?

Additional features

  1. Anatomical seat for the bath . It can be in the form of a plastic slide or in the form of a hammock. The hammock is made of fine mesh and is hung on the edges of the baby bath.
  2. Thermometer for water . Such things are embedded in the product. It is useful to you for measuring the temperature of the water.
  3. Wash accessories . The bucket , washcloth , towel – everything that can come in handy during and after bathing your baby.
  4. Toys The best which can swim. The easiest and budget option – rubber or rubberized figures.
  5. Drain. It will help to drain the water from the bath without disturbing the baby.
  6. Stand . It puts the bath to a height convenient for parents. Usually the stand folds and takes up very little space.

And don’t forget the main thing! The most important thing when buying a bath is that you also like it!

Have a nice and comfortable bathing!