5 Best Baby Bathtub Seats and Hammocks of 2020

The best baby tub seats and hammocks

The bath time is complicated during the first two years of the baby. To facilitate this daily task it is advisable to purchase a hammock for babies who are not yet seated, such as the one offered by the  Kidskit brand, or bath seat by Summer Infant , which are best in market and here is comparison of  all the best baby bathtub seats and hammocks of 2020.

Bath seat Summer Infant, Water (Aqua), One size

Bath tub seat Summer Infant 2019



These accessories, also called rings, are placed inside the portable tub , in the home or even in a shower tray. So parents will bathe your baby with comfort and safety.

To consider

Before purchasing this product, it is necessary to follow some recommendations regarding:

  • The dimensions If you are going to buy a hammock to put inside your regular tub, you have to notice that it fits easily.
  • The security It must have suckers that adhere to the surface where it is going to be placed to prevent it from moving during cleaning. But remember that you should never leave the baby alone during the bath; In a matter of seconds, any accident can happen.
  • The design For children who don’t stop still, the seats that attract attention are frankly good. That is why some models incorporate toys that keep them distracted and make the work easier for the Moms.
  • The age of the baby . A newborn needs a hammock to keep him in a lying position and hold his head. On the other hand, for those who are already seated with 6 or 8 months, a seat is better option for them.

Usually the best baby seats are small, portable items made of lightweight  good plastic, which allows them to be placed anywhere. They have a price range that goes from $ 200 – for simple hammocks – to $ 1500 – for rings with toys. If you don’t know which one to choose due to the wide range offered by the market, then you really need to read our review  in detail.

The best seat: Summer Infant

Bath tub seat of Summer Infant


  • A brand that has spent three decades dedicated to the development of products for baby care.With three suction cups that fix the seat to the bathtub in three different points, two on the sides and one on the back. The way of placing it is very simple, even the steps to ensure it are perfectly numbered in each of the arms that hold the seat.The arm that supports the rear suction cup extends until it is completely locked. Then each suction cup is subject to the edges turning until the red mark on the thread disappears, which helps you to realize that the thread is at the top and that the suction cup is one hundred percent adhered to the edge of the bathtub.

    The fastening design allows you to use both hands to bath the little one, since it will be completely fixed in the chair and you don’t have to use any of the two hands to hold the seat as it happens with other products.

    It is important to take into account that it adapts to bathtubs from 53 to 60 cm wide and the manufacturer recommends that it be used in children from 5 to 10 months of age.

    In any case, the experts point out that it is important to make some small movements with the chair before placing the child, to make sure that the chair is sufficiently fastened;happens that sometimes without realizing the edges of the bathtub can be wet or not all materials usually have the same grip to the suction cups.

    To add safety to the design, the Summer Infant has a maximum fill level mark, a recommendation of how far you should fill the tub with the seat placed on it, as many parents tend to fill the bathtub with too much water and this can cause even that the suckers take off.

    Comfortable and ergonomic design, with all its interior curved and rounded edges to allow the baby maximum comfort; even experts say that the length of the chair is comfortable enough to wash the back with ease, but depending on the size of the small put it in the chair may not be very comfortable, that once inside, so that it will not move or get out of it.

Kidskit :A good alternative

Kidskit Baby bath tub seat 2019


A cheaper and more conventional alternative to Summer Infant.

Designed for the transition from the baby bath to the adult tub because its support is not as strong and robust as our favorite seat.

In fact, its conventional support is through four suction cups, with very good grip and that offer the baby an anti-slip surface. In any case, the experts prefer to recommend a seat for infants who are not so small and who can already be seated with a more incorporated posture, and who don’t “kick” so much during the bath.

To place the child in the seat, the system is a little more practical than the Summer Infant chair, since it allows the opening of the front part and to put the child with comfort.

Its design is ergonomic and all  edges are completely rounded to avoid accidents. Its backrest is very wide and allows the child’s back to be covered at least halfway. What stands out are the large openings to place the legs, because in addition to providing greater comfort to the baby allow us to soap more comfortably.

It is another seat that also frees the hands of parents, to facilitate the task of bathing the child and especially to play with him.

It has an indicator of the water level of the tub, so that in this way we do not overfill the bathtub and affect the proper functioning of the suction cups.

An important detail for this seat and any other that has suction cups as a mode of attachment, is that the surface of the tub must be smooth; because if it has some kind of texture or relief as an anti-slip, the suction cups can not make a correct vacuum and adhere, and this will clearly affect the correct attachment of the seat and the safety of the baby’s bath.  


ALXD infant bath seat

This tub seat has an ideal shape for babies to enjoy a hot bath. Thanks to an envelope type format, parents can be sure that their baby will not have any mishap in the water.

The base of the seat has a triangular shape with suction cups to adhere perfectly to the bathtub and prevent slipping. The chair also has a sensor that warns if the water is too hot or if it is cold. It is made with a soft and breathable to protect the child’s skin.

It is indicated for babies from 6 to 24 months of age and is sold in two colors: yellow and green.

Angel Care Baby Bath Seat

Angel Care Baby Bath Seat

This baby support is designed to place babies lying on the seat. It is placed directly on the bottom of the bath or shower. It is made of an ergonomic piece with a mesh of soft tissue that is where you have to knock down the baby.

The fabric is created to care for the delicate skin of the infant and to drain the water with the aim of drying quickly.

The seat has a hook in the rear area to hang it on a hanger and let it dry after use. It can be purchased in blue, pink or gray color.

It is indicated for babies from 6 to 24 months of age and is sold in two colors: yellow and green.

Yosoo hammock for bath : An economical option

Yosoo hammock for infant bath

The hammock for bath of Yosoo has been designed for those who look for a simple, safe, little bulky system and at an excellent price $19 only.

It is a fabric adapter that, with measures of approximately 86 x 58 cm, fits most portable tubs. Its materials are: cotton, polyester and PVC. It has a padded area for the head and the rest is mesh fabric that accelerates the drying process.

It fits on all 4 sides of the bathtub with plastic locking parts that leave it suspended providing a very pleasant and relaxing for the baby.

It is suitable for children from 0 to 8 months.

It occupies little, it dries well and fulfills its function. Not being adjustable long, experts agree that the baby can slip a little, so it should have some type of adjustment system for different lengths of tubs.