Bath tub : Expert Buyer Guide

It’s time to bath your baby with the best baby bathtub of 2020. May be right now you don’t know how do it in a right way. Although our mothers, mothers-in-law or friends can give us many tips and advises. Most important thing that we should know is to buy the bathtub to bath our little one.

The first thing that we have to carry out among all other tips that they give us, is a good bathtub. The problem is that many people not know that they should consider buying the bathtub.

One of the important things is to have thought about where we are going to bath the baby. In this place we have to be comfortable, safe and have everything at hand for that. We have to keep in mind that bathtubs for babies have changed a lot over the years, they are not the simple bathtubs that only filled with water to bath the child and that’s it.

We will clarify the doubts, questions and concerns you may have when buying a baby bathtub. We bring you our Top 10 of the Best Baby Bathtubs of 2020 that you can find on Amazon, going through the different presentations that exist, variety of prices and the different brands that offer the best quality for these bathtubs in the market. Don’t look any further because you found the website that offers you best options.


Right Decision

When we are going to choose which is the best bathtub to buy in 2020 we have to take into account some factors such as the size, depending on your baby and its growth, the bathtubs will serve us for several years or only a few months. The comfort that will provide your baby at the time of bathing is a very important factor also to make bath time a pleasant experience.

The adaptation of the bathtub is a very important factor since depending on your  lifestyle and space in your house we can opt for larger and more luxurious bathtubs. If you guys travels a lot, the choice of portable bathtubs is best.

Finally, we can not forget that the arrival of a child also adds the arrival of a lot of expenses. That is why there are people who can change their perception of each product according to their price, which becomes an important factor when buying.

In this post we will recommend 10 best baby baths that you can find in market, giving the best options for all types of buyers and based on different aspects that each person can value when making this type of purchases.

The 10 Best Baby Bathtubs of 2020 .


Infant Tub 4Moms



4moms bath tubBrand: 4Moms.
Color: White-Blue.
Dimensions: 81.3 x 22.9 x 42.5 cm.
Weight: 1,63 Kg.
Recommended age: From 3 years.
Necessary batteries: Yes

Adaptation:  It is designed to fit in the sink, which helps while you are bathing your baby in standing position.You can take it in your travel bag so you can bath your little ones wherever you go.

Comfort: This infant bath tub comes with a thermometer that tells.If the water is too hot for your baby or is at the right temperature.

It has a side drain that allows taking the water out of the bathtub without t. In addition, it has a system that makes clean water flow.

Its design allows the baby to stay seated and safe without having to grab it with your hands.
Bring a glass of rinse and drink holder.

Size: It is ideal for newborn children or up to 11 kilograms, which assures us that, in the most sensitive stages of your baby, this bathtub will give you the necessary security to spend time in the most simple and comfortable way.

Price: With a value over 65 Dollars we are getting one of the most innovative bathtubs in the market thanks to its digital temperature control, a very comfortable design for use in any home and that brings us all the necessary accessories for the task of bathing our babies.


Tub with drain and indicator screen.

A very modern and technological bathtub, very useful for the first months of our baby.Unfortunately for its design, it is not the best option to take on a trip or for children with accelerated growth.


  • Integrated thermometer.
  • Good drain system.
  • Accessories.
  • Portable.


  • Only for babies of small size.

Summer Infant Lil Luxuries 18936 | Small Spa



Summer infant bathtub


Brand: Summer Infant.
Color: White-Blue.
Dimensions: 24 x 72.5 x 45.5 cm.
Weight: 3,58 Kg.
Recommended age: newborns and older.
Necessary batteries: Yes.

Adaptation: Although its design is made for use in sinks, it brings a child sling that also allows to use it in an adult tub. Due to its large size and its good weight, it is not advisable to take it on trips. What we can take when we travel, is the shower system that we can take out of the bathtub and take it in the bag to use in the tub where we go.

Comfort: When we talk about comfort, this infant tub is more comfortable than your own tubs. The motorized jets create vibrations and bubbles for a spa-like effect, which will be sent to any adult who sees it. The flexible shower will allow you to rinse your little one with ease and due to its design.
If your baby is newborn, it comes with a sling to be able to lie down while enjoying your own spa.


Size: This summer infant bathtub is designed for ages 0 to 24 months. After 24 months we can use the portable swimsuit in our tubs to continue bathing our babies with the greatest comfort and making our purchase have a few more months of utility.

Price: This mini-spa for our babies costs 100 Dollars, much cheaper than an adult spa. Although its price is the highest in the market, the comfort it will give our children and us when bathing is more than worth.


Spa with bubble bath

A small spa for babies that will be the envy for parents. Jet system has extensible arm that will not only massage babies, but also give you lot of ease to bathe them.


  • It is a spa for babies.
  • Utility for many years.
  • Flexible and removable watering can.
  • It can be used anywhere.
  • It has a padded base to lay the baby.


  • It is not portable completely.
  • Price a little high.

Chicco Cuddle & Bubble

Chicco Cuddle & Bubble cloth changer with bathtubFeatures:

Brand: Chicco
Model: 04079348890000
Color: Various (gray, green, blue, etc).
Dimensions: 103 x 32.5 x 85.5 cm.
Recommended weight range: 1 to 25 Kg. 
Recommended age: Newborns, up to 4 years old.

Adaptation: Visually you can realize that it isn’t the strongest point of this style of bathtubs. You will need a space in the baby’s room to put this bathtub. Due to its wheels you can move it to the room of the house where you want to bath it. But don’t worry, this bathtub is removable and you can store it without any problem.It offers three levels of adaptable heights, and the shape of the bathtub will allow you to organize yourself better at the time of your little one’s bath.It also has two modes of use, the first would be the semi-lying, for newborn babies and the sitting mode for over 6 months.


Comfort: When we talk about comfort, it is an all in one for parents. Thanks to its design, it is not only a bathtub, we can also use it as a changing table. Due to its shower organizers, we can put all the items we need when bathing our offspring, leaving them all at hand.In addition, it comes with several shelves of different sizes to put everything we can think of. Now you don’t need to waste time looking for towels or clothes because you can have it all ready in one place.Its plastic hose will allow you to drain the bath without effort and due to its height. It will not hurt your back because of being in a bad position when you bath your baby.It comes with a variety of colors, you can choose designs with gray color, as well as different green and blue.

Size: Due to its large size, it can support babies weighing up to 25 Kg. Thanks to its design, after the baby stops using the bathtub, You can continue using this equipment to put other things in the bathroom, making it not useless after the baby’s growth.

Price: These types of bathtubs have a much higher price than those previously mentioned. This is due to its extra functionalities. For the value of 111$ we will have this complete kit of swimsuit, changing table and organizer.


Multi-purpose bathtub

A bathtub that also offers organizer and a changer as accessories to have everything at hand.Although its large size makes it an important place in the house, it also gives you a lot of use even  after the bath. Its price is quite high for a bathtub, but this is generally due to its large structure, made to withstand all the accessories it brings


  • Accessories.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Many years of utility.
  • It leaves everything at hand.
  • Adjustable height.


  • Big size.
  • High price.
  • Covers more space.

Tummy Tub Bucket 

Tummy tubFeatures:

Brand: Tummy Tub.
Color: Pink
Weight: 540 g.
Recommended weight range: 1 to 15 Kg.
Recommended age:Newborns.

Adaptation: Although it looks like a bucket of water, this shape of bathtubs has proven its usefulness and has positioned itself among the best of today. Due to its size we can use it in the sink, in the tub, on a table, on the floor, wherever you want, because thanks to its simple format and firm base it allows you to use it anywhere. Due to its rigid constitution and concave shape, it is not very good to carry in your purse.

Comfort: Due to the concave shape of bucket tub, the baby feels as if it were in the mother’s womb, thus increasing its relaxation. Due to its shape, the baby will always stay seated during bath.Being a simple system does not bring any kind of accessory or technological additives that seek to improve and facilitate the bathing of the baby.

Size: Can be used by children up to three years of age. Due to its simple design and very durable materials we can store it and then reuse it for future children or loan it without problems since it will not lose usefulness over time. Due to its good size and womb shape, you can bath up to two babies at a time, which makes it a great tool for those who have twins.

Price: To be a  bucket bathtub so simple, without accessories or extra capabilities, I think that its cost of 60 dollars is somewhat high. In general what we are paying in this bathtub is the design and the good idea that the creator had, but in general I think there are better options for a few dollars more


Spectacular bucket design

Although at first glance it only looks like a bucket, its shape makes the baby feel as if it were in the womb. It doesn’t have attractive design or accessories, just a simple system to be able to take where you want, which allows you to have your baby sitting without needing to be holding it constantly.


  • Just like a bucket.
  • Portable.
  • Many years of utility.
  • You can use it wherever you want.


  • High price for its functionalities.

Blooming Bath Lotus

Lotus blooming bathFeatures:

Brand: Blooming Bath Lotus.
Dimensions: 33.7 x 11.4 x 33.7 cm.
Weight: 499 g.
Color: Pink (several models: blue, yellow, violet, gray etc).
Necessary batteries: No.
Recommended age: Newborns

Adaptability: First we have to talk about its innovative and comfortable flower design, bath time will be more special.This small flexible bathtub can be used both in the sink and on any old bathtub that you have, to improve the comfort of your baby. Unfortunately it does not have any kind of support to use in the tub or in more open places.

Due to its material, it is very easy to carry in the baby’s bag so that no mishap will take hold of you without this wonder.It will also be very easy to store it in any drawer of the house and it will not take up much space, making it perfect for small houses.

With this  blooming bathtub you can make any sink turn into the best bathtub for your babies. Its shape adapts the sink so that your baby feels sheltered by the petals of the bathtub, being in perfect position to be able to bath without needing to be holding at all times.

You can find it in different colors blue, yellow, green, violet, red, gray, among others; and with 407 petal models.

Comfort: Due to its soft materials it creates a wonderful way to cradle and clean your baby safely.
Because you can use it in the sink, parents will not have back pain because of bad position when bathing their children. It can be washed in the lava clothes or sink. You don’t  have to waste time washing the bathtub.

Size: It is recommended for newborns and babies up to six months. However, it is known that the Blooming Bath is a comfortable companion for babies who make the transition to the large bathtub as well.

Price: For a price of  50 dollars we will find this comfortable bathtub for your babies. Although the price is in the economic average, if we have a plastic bathtub which we don’t see very comfortable, if you use this flower on top you can continue to give comfortable baths to your babies by refusing both baths. If you travels a lot and you want to be always prepared, this is an excellent option thanks to the facility it gives you to move it anywhere.


Blooming Bath Lotus

Its  a small cushion that will make bath comfortable. Being like a cushion adapts to any place and makes it very easy to store or to take on a trip. For those who travel a lot with their babies, it is a highly recommended option


  • Portability.
  • Very comfortable for your baby’s skin.
  • Visually beautiful.


  • It does not have a solid base.
  • It does not bring accessories.

Inflatable Baby Bathtub

Inflatable baby bath tubFeatures:

Brand: Topist .
Color: Pink-white.
Dimensions: 25.9 x 23.1 x 7.9 cm.
Weight: 1.1 Kg.
Recommended age: Newborns up to 4 years old.


Adaptability: As can be seen with the naked eye, the ability to adapt it to different places in the home is not its strong point of inflatable baby bathtub . Due to its large size can’t be used in the sink, its use is more oriented to the tub or its effect to a smooth surface and good size as a table or floor. As it is inflatable it can be placed in travel bags or suitcases. I don’t see it as a good option for short trips to family.

Comfort: This is the best aspect of this bathtub, its design is based on that of the pools only more padded for the comfort of your baby and with a shape that will allow you to always be seated while bathing.It has a very good reclining headboard when you rinse your baby’s hair, has a central column so that it does not slip, a meter to know how far to fill the bathtub with water and a convenient drain plug on the bottom to facilitate the release of water.

Size: Thanks to its good size can be used from newborns to 4 years, giving you many years of use for this product.

Price: This is another of its good aspects, with only 35 Dollars you will obtain this very comfortable and large baby pool that allows us to use it for many years.


Just like a pool

It is one of the most complete bathtubs that you can find and its price is accessible to all the public. A lot of comfort, a big size so you don’t need worry about having to buy another bathtub in a few months.


  • Great comfort
  • Many years of utility.
  • Good drainage
  • Good price


  • You have to inflate it before using.
  • Doesn’t come with accessories.

 Stokke Flexi Bath


Brand: Stokke .
Model: 329003
Color: White
Dimensions: 61 x 17.8 x 33 cm.
Weight: 998 g.
Recommended age: From 3

Adaptability: This flexi bathtub is literally an all-terrain; You can use it in the tub, in a sink, table or even on the floor of your house. All thanks to its firm structure and with a perfect size to use everywhere.This bathtub is also folding so you can fold it easily and place it in any drawer of the room and take it out only when you want to use. That makes it perfect for small houses and for the people who likes to travel a lot.

Comfort: Unfortunately due to its great portability they had to leave comfort aside. This bathtub does not offer accessories, not any kind of support so that your baby stays seated, it does not have drainage system nor a structure that looks for its comfort for the baby. The comfort that this product gives is for parents more than for children because of its adaptability that being able to put it anywhere.

Size: Its large size makes it very useful for families who have twins for use up to two years. If it is going to be used for a baby it can be used for newborn even for four year old child.

Price: Its value over 160 dollars is a bit excessive for its few benefits, but for travel lovers its a best option. If you want to buy this bathtub added to some accessories like the support for newborns and the rinse, making even more excessive its price, but we would gain much more comfort for our babies.


Expansible and very flexible tub.

Although its price is quite exaggerated, for those who are looking for a bathtub that does not occupy space in the house and can be taken to any trip, this is your best option. When we talk about benefits, it is not its high point, it is not the most comfortable nor does it bring accessories, but due to its solid base you can use it wherever you want without the need for a basin that serves as a base.


  • Portable.
  • Expanding and flexible.
  • Resistant base
  • Many years of utility.


  • High price.
  • Not very comfortable
  • Simple and without accessories or modalities

Boon Soak Baby Bathtub


Boon Soak Baby Bathtub


Brand: Boon.
Color: White-Blue.
Dimensions: 22.5 x 39.9 cm.
Weight: 1.09 Kg.

Adaptability: This bathtub can be used in the normal tub, the sink, on the table or on the floor you want, in this case it is very versatile.
When we talk about transporting it, it is not its main because of its rigid frame and its unique shape.

Comfort: Due to its ergonomic shape, it will allow babies to maintain good posture without having to touch them. It has three different positions, which you can use depending on the age of your baby. It has a good drainage to avoid having to force to empty the bathtub. Due to its firm structure you can use it where it is most comfortable, so you don’t have back pain after bathing your baby.It also provides security when placing the indicated temperature, since it has a cap that changes color.

Size: It is designed for newborn child up to a year and a half.

 Price: With a value of 45 dollars, you can get a classic style bathtub, but with an ergonomic touch that greatly improves the comfort of your babies.


Modern in a Traditional way

Its ergonomic design adapts to the age of our babies, so that no matter the months they have, never feel uncomfortable in it. Due to its rigid base you can use it where you want, but it isn’t a good option to carry in your bag.


  • It can be used where you want.
  • It adapts according to the age of the baby
  • Economic.
  • Stopper that changes color, indicating the right temperature.


  • Doesn’t bring accessories
  • It isn’t design for travel

 Summer Infant Tub

Summer infant bath


Brand: Summer Infant.
Model: 09590
Color: White, green and blue.
Dimensions: 73.7 x 24.1 x 44.4 cm.
Weight: 3.8 Kg.


Adaptability: Summer infant bathtub can be used on the table or the floor, the support for the bath for newborns can be placed in the sink or  in a traditional bathtub.Although you can see a very large convertible tub, if you have a newborn, you can carry in the bag only the support for newborns and use it anywhere you go.

Comfort: Again!! This tub gives more comfort to parents than to the babies themselves. Although the ergonomic design of the support for newborns is very good and allows the baby to always remain seated, the other two pieces are not designed for the comfort of the baby itself.
This tub has simple design but gives peace of mind to parents who, seeing their children grow, they won’t buy another bathtub. To improve the comfort of parents when bathing in the tub, the blue base can be used as a seat so that parents can sit while bathing their children and not have to be on the cold or wet floor.

Size: The support is designed for newborns up to six months. Then the bath tub is for babies from six months to two years. When your child  begin to be more independent in his toilet, you can use the blue support as a small base to reach the toilet or the sink, thus giving you many uses in a single element.

Price: This item costs around 45 dollars. It offers two different types of bathtubs, plus a base for sitting or that your children can use to reach high places while they grow up. More than acceptable the price for the services offered.


Tub with bank

It is designed not only for babies but for parents and children, so everyone is happy. It can be divided, very useful depending on the age of the baby and also offers comfort for parents at bath time. It is not the most comfortable in the market, but for a very low price you are getting a more than complete bathtub.


  • Two bathtubs in one
  • Utility base
  • Many years of usefulness
  • Reasonable price.


  • It has no drain
  • It is not designed for trips.

Angelcare Bath Support

Angel care bath seatFeatures:

Brand: AngelCare.
Color: White-Blue.
Dimensions: 58.5  x 22.5 cm.
Weight: 748 g.
Recommended age: Newborns up to 6 months.

Adaptability: Angelcare bath is designed to use  in sinks and tubs, places where you get the most out of this tub. Due to its size it is not very comfortable to transport. Includes a built-in hook for storage can hang in the bathroom and remains as an ornament when not in use.

Comfort: Thanks to its ergonomic design and its soft mesh in contact with baby’s skin, your baby will be super comfortable. It has drainage holes that allow the soapy water to rinse easily, being the best drainage bathtub in the market.
Due to its strong structure, it is very durable and will give a lot of security to your baby, who will stay in a comfortable position during the entire shower session.

Size: It is ideal for newborn up to six months of age. Unfortunately, its short period of usage can make you doubtful or to think a little whether to buy it or not. If you seek to emphasize the cleanliness of your child during the first months, this is one of the best option in the market.

Price: Its price is one of the best in the market, for only 20 dollars, you are getting a great bathtub model. It is very comfortable and with great drainage. Unfortunately, being only for newborn, its usefulness tends to be relative, but due to its small price, it is valid.


Water bassinet

In a very cheap price you are getting a very good bathtub for the first six months of your baby, which can be a helpful for new parents who don;t have much experience in bathing their babies.It has the best drainage that you can find, which assures you that the entire bath will be done with clean water.


  • Excellent drainage system.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Very reasonable price.


  • It doesn’t have accessories.
  • It only works for babies less than 6 months old.
  • Not portable


baby in a bath tub 

Knowing the characteristics of the different bathtubs for babies here presented we will indicate you which are the ones that stands out in several aspects and the winners:

The winner of our ranking, the best Bathtub for Babies of 2020: 

Several stands out and we believe that the best will depends on the buyer’s taste; for a more affordable price the Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath . If you need more than one bathtub and you need to have everything organized then the best for you is the Chicco Cuddle & Bubble Baby Bath . But the one that stands out in all the aspects, reasonable price, comfortable and portable which is  Bath for Infants Summer Infant Lil Luxuries 18936 .

The cheapest baby bathtub:

We have the last of the ranking, the Baby Bath Angelcare Bath Suppor . With a price around 20 dollars.

Baby bathtub with better design:

Without a doubt the Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath with its flowery appearance and striking colors. The brand has several models of different colors and designs, with more or less petals.

The baby bathtub that has greater comfort and safety:

This section is divided into the following subcategories:

The most comfortable bathtub for newborns:

We have the Bath Babycare Angelcare Bath Support, as it will keep your little one in a good position during the bath.

The most comfortable bathtub for its material:

Here we have two that stands out for the soft and comfortable material for your baby. Those are the Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath and the Inflatable Baby Bathtub Topics .

The safest baby bath with a comfortable seat:

Being the safest of all; the Hot Summer Infant Baby Lil Luxuries 18936 . It has a good stable base, wide and also has a padded seat for the little ones.

The most technological baby bathtub:

We have the Baby Bath 4Moms Infant Tub , with integrated thermometer and indicator screen.

The bathtub for babies that offers several utilities:

The Chicco Baby Bathtub Cuddle & Bubble , as it has shelves and accessories to place the cloths, diapers. It also has a tray, jug and excellent organizer.

Best value for money:

It can be said that several stands out having quality and price. For just 30 and 40 dollars, you can get the Baby Bathtub Topics or the Boon Soak Baby Bath .

For a few dollars more you can buy the wonderful Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath .




As you were reading the whole post, or the articles you were interested in, surely many questions arose, which we will try to clarify here.


When should a newborn has its first bath?

The World Health Organization recommends to bath a newborn after 24 hours of the his birth. There isn’t any specific time but it is recommended to bath a newborn when his umbilical cord is healed.


Do i really need a bathtub for my baby?

No! You really don’t need a baby bathtub. You can wash your baby while simply sitting in your tub with newborn on your lab but once baby starts sitting on his own, you may need a baby bathtub but there many other options like you can wash your baby in a sink but it’s better to buy a baby bathtub.


Is it important to have a bathtub for your baby?

Yes and it is very important to have a bathtub of these. The arrival of a child in our homes means that we have to be more cautious with things and more at bath time. A bathtub that is comfortable for the child, with a good structure with good level of water. It is important and it offers you the best way to bath your little ones, besides they have fun and will be safe.


How often should i bath a newborn?

You really don’t need to bath a newborn daily but it is recommended to bath them 1 or 2 times a week. You can wash his face, hand and bottom everyday if needed.


How comfortable and safe are these bathtubs and how old can they enter?

There are several types of bathtubs especially for the different ages of the baby, since for newborns the most indicated are those of the cradle or tub type, so that they are semi-recumbent and that they provide a good base that resists the movements of the child.

For children older than 1 year, if the larger bathtubs are recommended, they have a more solid base. Most have padded or ergonomic materials for the comfort of your baby.


When does baby needs a bath seat?

When your baby starts sitting on his own  or when you feel that he is too big for a baby bathtub, you can use a baby bath seat or ring

These are The best Baby Bath Seats of 2020 (according to our survey).


How do I prevent a baby from slipping in the bathtub to avoid any injury? 

Many bathtubs have anti slip mats to avoid this but if your tub doesn’t have anti slip mat then you need to purchase it separately.

These are The best Baby Bath Mats of 2020 (according to our survey).


How technological and ergonomic should baby bathtubs be?

The important thing is security, for them as for us, of course some present technological innovations that will serve you much. In old times where the baby was bathed in  hands or in a sink. Ergonomics plays an important role, since we don’t want the baby to cry, the more comfortable the better for everyone. These bathtubs will help you a lot when it comes to washing the spoiled house.

Newborn Bath (step by step)

Warning: Do not leave the baby alone in the bathtub at any time, bath time can be very dangerous if you are careless.

We hope we have solved all your doubts, and you have already decided on the Baby Bath that is ideal for you, the one that suits you depending on the type and taste, as well as the one that best suits your pocket. Keep in mind that on our page you can find products of all kinds if you want to investigate in any other category, we invite you to visit us frequently.